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HealthScape Advisors provides consulting services to health plans, health systems, specialty health organizations, and healthcare investors throughout the country. Their consulting services support you as your plan embarks on your most important initiatives, helping you to grow, improve performance, and transform your business. HealthScape brings healthcare executives market-leading insights and actionable strategies that create sustainable value by looking beyond today’s solutions and focusing on the capabilities and resources needed to execute recommendations. 

You can rely on HealthScape as a strategic advisor; with their depth and breadth of experience, blended strategic, technical, and execution-focused approach, as well as their unwavering commitment to your satisfaction. Every decision, investment, and endeavor HealthScape pursues as a firm today, is solely for the success of your business.



GHG can help you excel within your government-sponsored health programs.

GHG Advisors’ (GHG) government consulting arm offers unique, hands-on expertise combining innovation with proven, integrated approaches and technology solutions to ensure your plan is successful, your provider partners are engaged and aligned, and your members stay happy and loyal. Whether it is a clinical redesign, risk adjustment, effective compliance programs, or monitoring operations performance in real time, GHG’s experienced advisors delivers lasting results.

GHG’s elite consulting services are structured to exceed industry best practices and support your organization in maintaining compliance, improving quality, and optimizing revenues. They offer one-stop access to expert advice, guidance, and support in every strategic and operational area.


Why We Are Different

We are solely focused on the healthcare industry and its future – we are experts in our field. We provide you with best-in-class strategy and compliance consulting services due to our results-driven solutions.

We are your trusted advisor and partner with a reputation for actionable, data-backed insights.


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