Security & Compliance

Committed to Upholding Program Requirements

Compliance is at Our Core

Led by our Chief Compliance Officer, a robust compliance team and a committed quality team, we operate as a First Tier, Downstream, and Related (FDR) entity – adhering to all CMS regulations and client requirements.

Our Compliance and Privacy Program is in Place to:


Monitor, interpret and apply relevant state and federal regulations


We are experts at interpretation and operationalization


We develop process for deployment and adoption of regulations and changes


Assure adherence to the Seven Fundamental Elements of an Effective Compliance Program (OIG)


Train team members in HIPAA, Compliance, and FWA


Collaborate with client's compliance team


Complete regular audits, including clean desk and call/non-call quality assurance audits


Restrict print and email access, and enact role-based securities


Update and enforce internal policies and procedures


Uphold our code of conduct and ethics guidelines

Robust Security Framework

of physical, administrative and technical controls, providing your healthcare organization with the most highly-compliant solutions on the market.


ISO Foundation


Security Controls & Risk Management


HIPAA Compliant


CMS Compliant


PCI DSS Compliant

Managed by our dedicated information security team, and led by the Information Security Officer, Convey’s security program ensures business continuity and integrity through a defense in depth strategy to mitigate known, or potential, risks. 

Compliance Matters


Convey’s IT security and compliance teams work together, along with operations, in order to provide you with peace of mind – ensuring the safety and security of your membership, your data and your organization.


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