Convey Has Developed Multiple Engagement Options To Choose From:


Technology + Services

Looking to manage your members – efficiently and cost-effectively? Convey can help.

Our technology + service solution is designed to meet the specific challenges that you face when trying to offer an optimal member experience:

  1. Multiple Systems
  2. Changing CMS Rules
  3. Quality Measures
  4. Cost Containment
  5. Operational Efficiency
  6. Member Satisfaction

With our technology, you enjoy the ease of single system member visibility from enrollment through billing, reconciliation, grievance, appeals intake, and more.

With our service, you have access to a team of customer service and back-office professionals that have the specific training to understand and respond to the needs of your members.

With our technology and services, your health plan can stay in compliance with constantly changing and evolving regulations.

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Although our full-service solution is the most comprehensive option for health plans, we recognize that some health plans need only certain solutions.



Technology (SaaS)

Our built-for-purpose platform is constructed to compliantly handle Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services processes complete with reporting and analytics. In fact, compliance is core to who we are. Furthermore, our secure platform is robust and highly scalable.

And, while most plan sponsors use several systems, we’ve built a single integrated platform to handle many processes.

If you only require a specific function, the technology is modular and can seamlessly integrate with your existing platforms.

  • Eligibility, Enrollment, and Reconciliation
  • Premium Billing & Payment Processing
  • Grievances Processing
  • Appeals Intake
  • Correspondence Processing
  • Fulfillment

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Call Center & Back Office Support


At Convey, our call center and back-office professionals are not just trained to offer exemplary service, they are specifically trained to support government-sponsored health plans.

Our expert and empathetic representatives can handle all of your plan’s member management needs, year-round and seasonal, including:

  • Inbound Member Services

  • Telephonic Licensed Enrollment

  • Outbound Campaigns

  • Welcome Calls

  • Provider Customer Service

  • Click-to-Chat Services

  • Enrollment Processing

  • Grievance Processing

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Over-the-Counter (OTC) Benefits Program

As the market-leading provider of supplemental OTC benefit administration services, we can provide your health plan with what is needed to offer the OTC solutions that members genuinely appreciate.

We provide a turnkey OTC benefits program that eliminates your team having to operate the program so you can focus on your core competencies. Through our experience serving more than 2 million plan members, we have the expertise needed to provide comprehensive member-centric OTC services.

In fact, with Convey, it is as simple as providing us with the eligibility file – and we take care of the rest.

We provide everything needed to ensure the success of your OTC benefits programs:

  • Exceptional service to your membership
  • Product procurement and delivery to the member’s home
  • OTC catalog product selection, printing, and mailing
  • Full compliance with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services regulations and internal quality assurance
  • Comprehensive financial and CMS reporting

There are a variety of solutions to choose from in the market. What separates Convey from the rest – beyond our compliance, efficiency, and experience – are the intangible support services that are included behind our technology and services:

  • Compliance including regular mock Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Audits
  • Quality for both telephonic and back-end processes
  • Learning & Development / Training
  • IT Support Services
  • Workforce Management

Convey also offers Policy & Procedure (P&P’s) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) developed on best practices.

More information about our OTC services can be found here.

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