Steve Young – Strategic Advisor

HealthScape Advisors

Steve Young advises clients on a wide range of strategic, operational, and regulatory issues related to healthcare. Currently, he is primarily focused on assisting clients with consumer healthcare affordability and market transformation issues, such as risk adjustment, provider alignment and integration, value based reimbursement, government program expansion, and market and product realignment.

Throughout his career Steve has assisted clients in improving operational efficiency to drive administrative and medical cost reduction, reduce financial risks and threats, and increase revenue and margin associated with government programs.

Steve has also served as an expert witness associated with healthcare industry issues with a particular focus on pricing, reimbursement, and standard practices in the industry. He is a frequent speaker at national conferences and has been published in numerous articles focusing on the impact of health reform and other current industry topics.

Prior to cofounding HealthScape, Steve started his career with Arthur Andersen in 1983. He was made partner at Arthur Andersen in 1995 and led the Chicago office Federal Health Programs and Health Plan practice. Upon his departure from Arthur Andersen in 2002 he was one of the founding managing directors for Huron Consulting Group leading the firm’s Pharmaceutical and Health Plan practice. Steve left Huron to cofound HealthScape Advisors in 2009.