Document fulfillment technology and services for the Medicare health plan market.
Miramar:Fulfill manages the sizable document fulfillment services associated with each step of the Medicare pre-enrollment and enrollment process.

Miramar:Fulfill includes document triggering integration for each stage of the enrollment, billing, and grievance processes.

This enables the call center and operations teams to communicate the exact point in time the documents are being sent. Additionally, Miramar:Fulfill allows you the ability to view actual images of the documents which serves to better address member questions.

Miramar:Fulfill, so that your health plan maintains compliance, and your member experience is improved.



Letter Image Retention


USPS CASS and NCOA Processing


Automated Letter Triggering, Data Population and Customization


Mail Stream Tracking


Pre-sort Processing / Discounts


Return Mail Barcoding


Fulfillment Quality Control


Inventory Management


Dedicated Operational Oversight


Volume, Age and Timeliness Reporting


Automated Envelope Insertion with Integrated Barcoding




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