Elevate your Medicare member experience with automation.
Miramar:Connect consolidates steps and addresses Medicare member needs with dynamic member services and customer experience technology.

Miramar:Connect is an integrated, multi-channel system with automation capabilities.

Click-to-chat and online payments capabilities allow your members to handle basic tasks self-sufficiently. Enhanced IVR allows for agent selection based on skills and expertise. The Customer Experience Interface empowers call center agents to provide exceptional customer service to your members. This interface aggregates pertinent member data – including member-specific action items and alerts automatically reconciled to the member record – resulting in limited screen / system navigation.

Miramar:Connect supports the health plan by:

Aiding the enrollment process and housing enrollment information


Acting as a CRM tool / CRM support


Collecting potential member information via plan inquiries


Collecting and tracking of broker information


Reducing call time and call center costs due to increased agent efficiency


Providing a member-facing web portal


Maintaining CMS compliance

Miramar:Connect enhances and elevates other Miramar modules with streamlined processes for achieving compliant One-Call Resolution:

Reduced Navigable Screens for Customer Service Rep

Enhanced IVR Technology

Script Automation, Including PHI Confirmation


Real-Time Member Status Updates and Alerts


Note Templates

Enhanced Work Queues


Exhibit Triggering



Customer Experience Interface


Automated At Risk Member Identification


Work Queues – Escalation and Follow Up


Member Alerts and Action Items


CTI Integration


Work PHI ValidationQueues – Escalation and Follow Up


Coverage Determination (Intake Only)


Appeals (Intake Only)


IVR Self Service Solutions


RPA – Robotic Process Automation Tools


Self Service Portals


Multi-Channel (Click-to-Chat)


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