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Miramar – Enrollment & Billing Technology

Since Convey is aligned operationally to a health plan, we know first-hand what you need in an effective Medicare plan administration solution. Our purpose-built, enterprise platform, Miramar, includes dynamic flow, highly advanced work queue features, SmartWizard utilities, automated alerts, and reconciliation rates that exceed nearly all traditional software vendors.


Strategic & Operational Health Plan Management Solutions

Streamlining government-sponsored health plan operations includes mastering the management of the day-to-day. With our pointed software solutions, you will realize the ultimate goal of streamlined processes for efficient operations and ensured compliance. From data reconciliation, to the management of your sales force, or compliance monitoring, our solutions integrate into your existing tech stack and will quickly have you activating your teams and elevating your productivity.

Healthcare Data Analytics

Pareto’s solutions, supported by proprietary algorithms, predictive models, and advanced data science, have analyzed over $150 billion in claims and medical costs. Pareto demystifies complex healthcare data and delivers actionable insights to improve outcomes.

Pareto’s Data Management Platform, the foundation to their solutions, is built around data lake, artificial intelligence, and open source big data technologies. This allows Pareto to effectively ingest data in all formats and types at scale, organize them with appropriate data governance mechanisms, and provide efficient configuration capabilities to democratize data access and analytics.

Explore Pareto’s robust technology solutions:


Healthcare Data Integration


Revenue & Payment Integrity

  • Risk Documentation Improvement
  • Data, Premium, and Payment Integrity Solutions
  • Value-Based Reimbursement

Applied Analytics to Drive Strategic Decision Making

  • Pareto Frontier
  • Pareto Spotlight

Pareto Engage - for Payer-Provider Communication


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