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Integrated OTC Benefits

CMS-Compliant OTC Services

As the market-leading provider of supplemental OTC benefit administration services, we can provide your health plan with what is needed to offer the OTC solutions that members genuinely appreciate.

Supported by both our Miramar technology and our services, we provide a proven OTC benefits program that eliminates your team from having to operate the program – allowing you to focus on your core competencies

10+ Years Administering the OTC Benefits Program

How it Works


OTC Services

Through our experience serving
3.5+ million plan members, we have the expertise needed to provide comprehensive member-centric OTC services.

We provide everything needed to ensure the success of your OTC benefit programs.

Exceptional service to your membership

Product procurement and delivery to the member’s home

OTC catalog product selection, printing, and mailing

Multi-channel member outreach capabilities

Comprehensive & Integrated OTC Technology

Specifically built to manage and support the supplemental benefits program, Miramar:OTC easily exchanges member data with client interfaces, and empowers advocates to provide a pleasant buying experience for members.


Eligibility file processing - from all formats


Member interaction and benefit tracking


Shipping, mailing, website, app and dialer integration


NEW mobile application technology


OTC member website


Role-based security measures


Comprehensive CMS reporting

Security & Compliance

Working with our technology team to properly maintain our IT systems (HIPAA, PHI, PCI, Privacy and Security), our compliance team focuses on upholding all regulatory requirements


Full compliance with CMS regulations and internal quality assurance


Adherence to the Seven Fundamental Elements of an Effective Compliance Program (OIG)


Collaboration with your compliance team

Integrated OTC benefits: A Prescription for Customer Satisfaction

Most over-the-counter products and medications like pain relievers, allergy medications, heartburn drugs and topical antimicrobials were once available only by prescription. In OTC form, these drugs are FDA approved and often equally effective as prescription drugs at...

“We are making the OTC benefit program a positive and successful experience for health plans and their members by using our purpose-built technology to seamlessly integrate member eligibility, benefit management, and comprehensive compliance monitoring.”

– Jonathan Starr, Executive Vice President for Convey Health Solutions

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